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       The 2017 WCLA Team Verification forms are available now from the WCLA governing body, but are not due to league presidents until February 1, 2017. When submitting your team verification form, please ensure that all the boxes are completed, a university or college registrar has included a signature and institutional seal and the names are spelled correctly as it will ease the burden of processing once submitted. We thank you for your assistance.


    By Gina Kolata

       NEW YORK - All playing members of the WCLA are required by rule to be members of US Lacrosse. The new policy went into effect last year and USL realized that young college students need a price break, so if you are registering for the upcoming 2017 spring season take note.

       A new USL-WCLA membership comes with a reduction in price if you know the secret word. When registering on the USL website, WCLA subcommittee members, said new members can enter wcla_2017 during registration to save $15. The normal cost for USL membership is $50 and the reduced rate is $35 if you use the WCLA code. If you have already registered for the 2017 spring season, there is no rebate for paying the higher fee, WCLA subcommittee members said.

    Welcome to WCLA for 2017

      Welcome to the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates 2017 website, a communication tool for student-athletes, coaches, fans and interested spectators to know more about our college club lacrosse league. Our WCLA league website was designed and will be utilized to provide a communication highway for teams competing across the continental United States. We hope the website provides you with the information you are seeking because it's the mission of the WCLA to promote the growth of women's lacrosse nationwide. Specifically, the WCLA strives to provide an infrastructure in which collegiate clubs will compete and eventually crown a national champion. Leadership opportunities exist on the local, regional and national levels as WCLA is a representation of teams at all levels. WCLA members are then encouraged to give back to the lacrosse community by joining the umpiring, coaching and post-collegiate club communities. The WCLA is a division of US Lacrosse. As you know, it is mandatory this year to register with the national WCLA website and to enter your games, roster, home field and any other vital information that might assist those trying to find you. The entire process is painless and takes less than an hour. We hope you find the site useful.


    Georgia won the 2016 DI WCLA National Championship.

    Denver won the 2016 DII WCLA National Championship.


    By Paul Ohanian

       SPARKS, MARYLAND -- In keeping with its tradition of geographic rotation, the US Lacrosse Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) national championship event is on the move once again. US Lacrosse has announced that the 2017 WCLA Division I and II National Championships will be played in Salt Lake City, Utah, May 10-13.
       All championship tournament games will be played at the Salt Lake City Regional Athletic Complex, a 140-acre venue that features 16 multi-purpose fields, six lighted fields, and a main stadium with a scoreboard, restrooms and concessions. The $23 million RAC venue opened in 2015.
       “The opportunity to compete in the WCLA National Championship is what our club teams strive for every year, and we are excited to bring our tournament to this beautiful facility in Salt Lake City,” said Liz Holmes, chair of the US Lacrosse WCLA Committee. “After hosting our championship event on the East Coast for the last few years, we are delighted to have found a site in the Rocky Mountains and in a non-traditional lacrosse region in order to increase exposure to lacrosse and the WCLA.”

       Nearly 230 non-varsity collegiate teams comprise the WCLA and compete under the US Lacrosse umbrella. The annual Division I and Division II National Championships showcase the WCLA’s premier teams, featuring a Division I field of 16 teams and a Division II tournament of 12 qualifying teams.
       “The WCLA is an integral part of our US Lacrosse family, and the growing number of teams participating in the league and the great level of competition at the National Championship demonstrate the value of supporting female athletes at all levels of the game,” said Caitlin Kelley, women’s game senior manager at US Lacrosse.
       Started in 2001, the WCLA Championship has had eight previous host sites and is making its first appearance in Salt Lake City. The tournament was played in Winston-Salem, North Carolina last year after a two-year run in Virginia Beach.
       “We are very excited to have been selected as the host site for the 2017 WCLA National Championships,” said RAC program director Lisa Schmidt. “This will be the first major lacrosse event at our venue, and we’re proud to be able to showcase the sport to all the young girls in this area. Girls’ and women’s lacrosse has been exploding here in Utah, so we’re pleased that this facility can now help open doors for Salt Lake City to serve as a host destination.”
       The WCLA featured two first-time national champions in 2016 as the Georgia Bulldogs won the Division I title while the Denver Pioneers captured the Division II crown.
       “The talent, dedication, and love of our sport that these athletes display on the lacrosse field is uplifting and wonderful to witness,” Holmes said. “Club lacrosse provides a venue for these women to continue to play lacrosse and compete at a high level, and is a valuable part of their collegiate experience.”
       “The WCLA volunteer leadership and US Lacrosse staff put on an amazing event every May to showcase the best of the best in collegiate women’s club lacrosse, and we are looking forward to another great WCLA season and an exciting 2017 championship in Utah,” Kelly said.


       SEATTLE - Every team in the WCLA that needs access to the organization's website, and more specifically their own individual team page, must register on the link that is provided with this story. The WCLA webmaster registration link went active on Monday, November 14, 2016 at approximately 2:30 pm after a previous link giving access to individual webpages had been removed from the lacrosse website. "If your team or players have already registered for the WCLA 2017 spring season, congratulations and thanks. But in order to enter schedules, rosters and the required league information, an individual from each team will have to register as a team's webmaster," said Greg Normand, the Michigan State head coach, who runs the WCLA website. "We didn't realize until a week ago there was no webmaster link to register, so please take the time now, to register."

       Normand said registering as a WCLA webmaster for each team is a must immediately and access to the individual team page will take about 24 hours, provided the website isn't slammed with requests. Each team webmaster will be given access to their college or university page. The link for registering WCLA webmasters is .  


    By Lester Holt

       SPARKS, MARYLAND - The WCLA governance is 'cracking down a bit,' on the use or non-use of the WCLA website, said members of the WCLA governing subcommittee. The WCLA website has been in existence for two years, entering its third year, and the national subcommittee is hoping to get a larger percentage of member teams involved in the process. The national subcommittee has mandated some basic rules for using the site and requirements by member teams who compete in the WCLA.

       The national subcommittee is now requiring all WCLA teams to input six categories on the website if they want to be eligible for post-season honors or the WCLA National Championships,' said Liz Holmes, the WCLA subcommittee president.

       The required areas of information for the WCLA website are:

    1. Register for the WCLA website.

    2. Provide a complete game schedule.

    3. Provide a list of team contacts.

    4. Provide a map or list where home games are played.

    5. Provide a complete roster on the website.

    6. Provide statistics for each player for games played.

      The idea to provide the basic information to improve communications between teams, said WCLA subcommittee spokesman. Teams can register on the WCLA website at and there is an 18-minute tutorial to assist you through the registration process. You can manage your team page once registered and the WCLA webmaster has granted access to your specific pages. Another aspect of registering is providing an online game schedule. After entering games online, opponents for each game must accept the game for it to appear on the WCLA website. Team contacts and game locations must be listed for the obvious reasons and rosters should be completed as part of the registration process. If you fail to observe these five requirements, teams will not be invited to the WCLA national championships, which this year are expected to be played in Salt Lake City, Utah.

       The biggest area of concern for the WCLA subcommittee on reporting is statistics. If teams want players to be considered for post-season recognition, they must complete a stats sheet for every game covering field players that include ground balls, draw controls, goals, assists, yellow & red cards and forced turnovers. The categories for goalies will include goals against and saves. There art of calculating stats is a often argued point and USL will provide a basic definition for each category before the start of the season.


    By Neil Downe

       CHICAGO - The rules for playing women's lacrosse in the WCLA in 2017 continue to change as the sport evolves and develops. The new playing rules have been established, the WCLA organizing committee said this summer, to keep pace with the improvement in athletic ability and to keep young women safe. The WCLA has reached into the men's bag for a couple of rule changes this year and expanded on several others. Listed below is the new WCLA rules for 2017 and included in a WCLA-USL poster. The specific WCLA rules exceptions page to the USL rule book will not be listed in the USL rule book, as the National Federation of State High Schools has been charged with that task in 2017. US Lacrosse officials suggested that coaches and players copy the new PDF to ensure there isn't confusion at intercollegiate club lacrosse games.


     Section 1: Notable playing rule changes for all 2017 scholastic play: 

    1. Players below the restraining line on the draw may not cross until possession is established. 

    2. Players may not use their bodies to play the ball, except with a kicking action on a non-shooting attempt. 

    Section 2 : Rules specific to WCLA play: 

    (Rules 1,2 are new for 2017) 

    1. Players on the defending team in their defensive end of the field may run through or remain in the goal circle when their team is in possession of the ball. Defenders within the goal circle may only play the ball if they are wholly grounded (eg., Both feet within the goal circle). Defenders must immediately leave the goal circle when their team loses possession of the ball. 

    2. Goalkeeper is exempt from shooting space outside of the goal circle. 

    3. Horizontal Stick/Illegal Contact: Initiating crosse-to-body contact with the crosse parallel to the ground (9 and 3 o’clock) and hands apart. 

    4. A player may reach into the sphere to make a safe check. Checks must be controlled, not intimidating or dangerous.

    5. Games between DI teams must be played with 30-minute stop clock halves. 

    6. All other games shall be 30-minute running clock halves with a stop clock 

    7. On whistles in the last two minutes of each half. (Unless there is a 10-goal differential). All games may be played with 30-minute stop clock. 

    8. Each team shall be allowed 3 timeouts during regulation time. Each team shall be allowed 1 timeout during overtime. 

    9. All tie games at the end of regulation shall be resolved using USL overtime procedures. 

    10. The WCLA National Tournament will use 30-minute stop clock halves. 

    11. Leg and thigh padding is not required for goalkeepers. 

    12. NCAA uniform regulations shall be used. 

    For operational guidelines, player eligibility rules, or specific questions regarding the WCLA, please email: or visit